The Unhappiness of the Rich

The Unhappiness of the Rich

the rich

In this piece, Schervish defends the rich, citing the biblical verse Deuteronomy to describe money as both a blessing and a curse. He compares money to Buddha, who gave up his playboy life to become a sage, and to Saint Ignatius, who abandoned wealth to found the Jesuit order. The rich should not be condemned because they are simply following a path of less suffering and more happiness.

Fat cats are the rich

In American political circles, a word known as ‘Fat Cat’ is commonly used to describe a rich individual who makes large political donations. This term later spread to include any person who is rich, smug, or lazy. In one famous example, Hollywood actors were called ‘literary fat cats’ in a Saturday Review of Literature article. In another, the government was described as a fat cat in a New York Times column.

The term “fat cat” is an insult that refers to people who are excessively wealthy and powerful. It is commonly used by politicians to mock their political rivals and opponents. In 2009, President Obama used the term to describe bankers who opposed financial regulations.

In politics, the term “fat cat” refers to a politician or campaign supporter who is wealthy and influential. The origin of the term is unclear. However, it has grown to become a ubiquitous term. But the meaning of ‘fat cat’ is often not as straightforward. Many fat cats have been successful at building companies, earning a massive payout from a profitable venture, developing clout among their peers, and investing in early-stage businesses. Despite the countless benefits that these people have, many of them still remain a mystery. But there are some ways to uncover the real stories of fat cats in the business world.

Inequality in the richest countries

Increasing inequality in the richest countries is a result of technological change, a process which has led to increased demand for highly educated workers. Societies have not always been able to produce highly educated people in sufficient numbers to meet this demand. This means that highly educated people tend to earn higher wages than workers with less education. One of the Nobel Prize winners for economics, Jan Tinbergen, argued that rising inequality was a direct result of the race between education and technology. In the early 20th century, inequality favored the unskilled and the less educated while reducing income for the low and moderately skilled.

Milanovic argues that globalization is a key factor in accelerating inequality. The wealthiest people in developed countries have never been more concentrated, and the process of globalization erodes nation-states’ tax powers. He contends that a massive effort to provide higher education may not be enough to reverse the trend. Furthermore, educational competition has only made inequality worse. Thus, there is a need to develop a global, coordinated effort to address the problems arising from the growing inequality.

Another factor that influences the level of inequality is the institutional framework of the country. Higher taxes and social transfers help governments redistribute income. Higher taxes and social transfers may be responsible for lower inequality in continental Europe. However, social transfers and direct taxes do not account for state pensions. Higher taxes and direct taxes have reduced the Gini in Germany and the United States by almost nine points, respectively.

Wealth tax

It would also reduce the value of pass-through businesses, which do not have easy access to international capital markets. But this view ignores the fact that the IRS has experienced budget cuts and a reduction in workforce over the past few years. Furthermore, wealth tax advocates say the taxes would be unpopular, as it could result in a collapse of the economy.

The main criticism of the wealth tax is that the proposed system does not account for the ability of the rich to under-report their wealth. In addition, the revenue estimate is unrealistic since it ignores the fact that there is a positive relationship between capacity of underreporting and wealth levels. In addition, it assumes a compliance rate similar to the one currently in place under the tax system.

Proponents of wealth tax claim that it would reduce inequality and raise extra revenue for the government. In addition, wealth tax advocates say the proposed tax is more effective because it would include a larger asset base and guardrails to prevent tax evasion from international migration. But the debate over whether wealth tax would actually reduce inequality is far from settled.

Those who want to make more money from taxes should pay a wealth tax. According to the American Society for Tax Reform, the richest 1% earn more than seventy percent of the country’s income. However, this inequality is still higher than that of the poorest ten percent of the country. In other words, the rich are able to avoid paying taxes because they are not able to sell their stocks and pay income taxes on the amount they make.


They have more resources and can afford more things, which results in a higher risk of mental illness, substance abuse, and other problems. The extra money also fuels materialistic desire and social comparisons. “happiness is not for sale” This in turn leads to a lower sense of well-being. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your lot in life.

It’s important to remember that happiness is not a product of money. It’s about how you use it. Making money is great, but not always enough to make you happy. And, some wealthy people simply don’t know how to spend their money to make themselves happy. If you’re wealthy, but still unhappy, you might be spending your money wrong. To make your life more meaningful and rich, try these strategies:

Lack of empathy for the poor

According to social psychologists, the rich have a lessened capacity for empathy than those of lower socioeconomic status. Luxury car drivers give pedestrians less room on the road than do those in less expensive cars, and they’re also four times more likely to cut other drivers off on the road. They manipulated money in Monopoly to study the reactions of the wealthy and poor.

As a result, their lack of empathy for the poor is a major hindrance to redistribution. Individuals who feel a strong sense of responsibility for their own actions have low levels of empathy for the poor, as evidenced by studies demonstrating selective empathy and pity. This lack of empathy for the poor may be a result of psychological research that shows the impact of the two kinds of attribution on theories of justice of deserts and the belief in a just world.

While a high level of wealth can provide a feeling of freedom and independence, it also tends to lead to a lack of empathy. People of higher socioeconomic status tend to care less about other people’s problems and emotions, according to research published in the Association for Psychological Science. The study found that lower-income individuals are better readers of facial expressions than those from higher socioeconomic statuses.

There is a direct correlation between the rich and poor in terms of how they view the poor. According to a study conducted by psychologist Michael Kraus, rich people do not exhibit the same level of empathy. In addition to this, the heart rate slows down during compassion. While a rich person’s heart rate may slow down during a painful or trying time, a poor person’s heart rate will go down considerably.

Big and Rich Songs of the 1990s and 2000s

big and rich songs

In the 1990s, Rich and Kenny were the “it” act in country music. In addition to writing songs for Gretchen Wilson, they also co-wrote a number of her singles. “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” was the group’s first No. 1 hit. These two hitmakers were instrumental in creating the sound of country music in the years to come. In this article, we will explore the big and rich songs they made during their peak.

Rich and Kenny were big and rich songs throughout the ’90s

Big & Rich are a country music duo from Nashville. The duo has released their first studio album since the group’s breakup in 1992. The album is a highly anticipated project, and the duo’s creative brotherhood is on full display. Big Kenny’s rock influences were a turnoff to many major labels, but the band’s first single, “Holy Water,” convinced Rich to record it.

As a duo, Rich and Kenny released four studio albums, including Horse of a Different Color, which was certified triple platinum. These albums also produced a total of ten singles. One of Rich’s songs, “Comin’ to Your City,” reached number three on the Hot Country Songs chart. Rich and Kenny call themselves Cowboy Stevie Wonder, and have written songs for such notable artists as Martina McBride. After hearing Big Kenny perform in 1998, Rich decided to record a song with him, “Holy Water.”

While it’s true that Big & Rich’s first album was so popular, the duo’s success came slowly and was tempered by the onset of the dotcom bubble. The duo’s careers have hit some bumps along the way, but their friendship is stronger than ever. In a recent interview with Billboard, Rich and Kenny discussed their songwriting process, why they left a major record label, and what their music means to them.

They were the “it” act in country music

The ’00s were a decade for Big & Rich, who quickly became the country’s hottest act. Their songs landed on mainstream radio, they were nominated for industry awards, and they even performed on the Grand Ole Opry. Now, with the release of their third album, the duo are re-igniting their career. Their latest single, “Lost in This Moment,” is the fastest-rising single of their career. While their popularity is still unmatched by many of their peers, the duo is a country radio staple.

As an emerging star, Big & Rich gained international recognition. They co-wrote singles for Jason Aldean, Faith Hill, Gretchen Wilson, and Wynonna Judd. Their debut single, “Horse of a Different Color,” received dozens of Grammy, ACM, CMA, and CMT nominations.

One of Wilson’s most popular singles is “When I Think About Cheatin’,” which was released as the third single from her debut album, Here for the Party. This single peaked at No. 4 on the country singles chart. The song was co-written by Wilson and John Rich and was released to radio in October 2004.

The Wilsons’ friendship began when Wilson auditioned for the Sony label. The president of Sony, John Grady, had just been on the job three weeks when Wilson auditioned. The band’s members backed Wilson and she was signed by the label. In November 1997, Wilson’s single “Redneck Woman” reached the top ten on the Billboard magazine’s country chart in record time. The song eventually peaked at number one.

In November 2000, Gretchen Wilson welcomed her daughter Grace into the world. Her daughter is now 21 years old. In April 2010, Wilson released a customized version of “Work Hard, Play Harder,” which mentions the Nashville Predators. The song was co-written by Gretchen Wilson and John Rich. She and Rich co-wrote several of Gretchen Wilson’s singles.

They co-wrote Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

Big & Rich are hip-hop’s current rulers, and they’ve co-wrote two No. 1 singles to boot. “Redneck Woman” is a standout single from the band’s latest album, Horse of a Different Color. Big & Rich have collaborated on numerous songs, including a number one hit with Gretchen Wilson.

The video for the song was shot in Nashville during the summer of 2004, and features Big & Rich, MuzikMafia, and Cowboy Troy. The music video features dancers and marching bands, and is filmed on the Shelby Street Bridge in Nashville. Aurelia Scheppers and the rest of the cast are featured in the video. It has received critical acclaim, but remains a novelty tune.

They began solo projects in 2009

In 2001, Big & Rich recorded a live album for Hollywood Records. After several postponements, the album was finally released in 2005. The band toured the country with Cowboy Troy, Craig Morgan, and The Lumineers. The band’s popularity continued to grow, and Big & Rich began doing solo projects in 2009.

They reunited in May 2011 to release the song “Fake ID” from the soundtrack of the movie Footloose. In the same year, they released the Hillbilly Jedi album, which produced a Top 20 hit, “That’s Why I Pray.” In July 2013, Big & Rich announced that they were working on a fifth studio album. In September 2017, they released an independent release titled Did it For the Party. The album was preceded by the single “California,” which charted at number 24 on the country charts.

Kenny and Rich released solo albums in 2009 and 2012. McKay recorded a solo album in 1999 for Hollywood Records but did not release the album until five years later. Big Kenny also fronted a band named luvjOi. Kenny also co-wrote several songs for Big & Rich. They also wrote singles for Gretchen Wilson, Jason Aldean, and Tim McGraw. Big Kenny released his first solo single to country radio in August 2009. The album titled The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy contains ten songs.

They reunited in 2012

The country music duo Big and Rich have reunited for a fourth studio album. Their new album, Hillbilly Jedi, mixes country music with rock ‘n’ roll. The songs feature themes of prayer, partying, love, heartache, and rebellion. Big and Rich collaborated with several rock icons to write the songs for the album. It has already received several Grammy nominations and is sure to become a classic for country music fans.

Big & Rich re-imagined songs from other genres and turned them into country tunes. The debut single “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” drew comparisons to Nirvana’s famous “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Retribution on Seattle.” Their songs injected a new sound into the romantic country genre, and they quickly earned new fans beyond the country market.

Big & Rich released a cover song of the Beastie Boys in 2008. They later performed “Same Old Situation” on a tribute album for Motley Crue. The duo continued to work as songwriters for various artists, including Alabama lead singer Randy Owen. Big Kenny also recorded solo material. During this time, Big & Rich scored a minor hit with their song “Shuttin’ Detroit Down.” In 2012, Big & Rich reunited with a new album entitled Reunion.

They released a second album in 2014

Big & Rich were originally two men from different backgrounds who met through a mutual friend. John Rich was a bass player in the country band Lonestar and Big Kenny was a singer-songwriter. The two eventually teamed up in 1998 and began performing regularly at a Nashville club. In recent years, Big & Rich have worked on new material both separately and as a team, and they have had several successful albums to their credit.

The duo released two studio albums and a live album. In addition to Big & Rich songs, he has written singles for Tim McGraw, Gretchen Wilson, and Jason Aldean. The duo also co-wrote a number of songs for other artists. Big Kenny’s first solo single, “Livin’ Lately,” hit country radio on August 3, 2009.

They toured with Lil Nas X

The country chart’s recent move to ban “Lil Nas X” is a direct result of the rap artist’s success, as the rapper is set to make money by selling the song to radio stations. Lil Nas X has a solid track record, having charted half a dozen singles in the U.S. in less than a year. He has a proven track record of writing and producing hit songs. The “Old Town Road” single earned him six times as much as the next best-selling single in the U.S. Billboard’s country chart. It earned Lil Nas X $14 million pretax in the U.S. alone.

With “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X dominated the music industry, becoming the longest-running No. 1 single in Billboard Hot 100 chart history and winning two Grammy Awards. Throughout the process, Lil Nas X has remained confident, clever and savvy, and it’s no surprise that he’s become one of the most discussed artists on social media. On “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” he’s living the good life, and his most recent tracks include “Industry Baby” and “Dolla Sign Slime.”

Crazy Rich Asians Review

crazy rich

Crazy Rich Asians is a movie about a young Asian man and his love interest. The main characters, Nick and Rachel, are trying to prove their love for each other’s family. However, the film has some serious points. Read on for my review and reactions! Posted by: Madam P.I.E. on July 15, 2013.


Crazy Rich Asians is a hilarious, heartwarming movie that succeeds as a celebration of Asian representation in Hollywood while subverting expectations of romantic comedy. With a cast of excellent actors, a gorgeous location, and witty jokes, this film makes you feel the love. But it does more than that. It challenges the traditional expectations of the genre. Let’s take a closer look at the film. The plot: Crazy Rich Asians revolves around the life of an Asian billionaire. The film’s cast and script are superb, but the movie also has some weaknesses.

It has a solid storyline and well-developed characters, making it an entertaining, yet heartbreaking read. The film’s setting in New York City is also a plus, offering plenty of laughs.

The plot revolves around the life of a Chinese-American living in the United States. This may cause tension between the family members back home and the people living in the US. In the story, Eleanor sees Rachel as an American who is turning his back on traditional Chinese customs. Rachel is self-centered and distracting from Nick’s destiny. The book portrays the complexities of a Chinese-American relationship. A good film will explore these tensions.


The summer blockbuster “Crazy Rich Asians” is generating a huge amount of buzz online and offline. Directed by Jon M. Chu and starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding, the film is sure to become a cultural phenomenon. Just like its predecessor, Better Luck Tomorrow, Crazy Rich Asians is not only an international cast but also an Asian-American story. Vincent Pham, a communication professor at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, has studied Asian representation in the media and asked if this movie was an exception.

Despite a mixed reception, the movie is sure to attract an enthusiastic crowd in Singapore, where it premieres on Tuesday. While fans say the film upends stereotypes about Asian characters, critics say the movie fails to capture the ethnic diversity of the city-state, and misses an opportunity to showcase the ethnic diversity of its people. The glamorization of wealth and fame is likely to attract an enthusiastic audience, but critics aren’t buying it.

A more realistic response to the movie has been that the film is unrealistic. Although the characters in Crazy Rich Asians are fictional, the movie has a powerful emotional appeal. A number of people, including Globe and Mail reporter Cliff Lee, began crying within 30 seconds of the film’s release. And many Asian-Americans, despite the movie’s white cast, said they felt “pinch” while watching the movie. So what’s causing the outrage?


Crazy Rich Asians was a box office success, but its portrayal of Asian culture was problematic. The film errs on the side of universalism rather than specificity, but it was refreshing to see Singaporean culture featured prominently. Although it is not a film about Asians per se, the cultural details do add a rich layer of realism to an otherwise westernized story. While director Jon M. Chu stated that he aimed to transpose Asian faces on Hollywood, the story tended to err toward universalism.

In addition to being an allegory of the Chinese affluent class, Crazy Rich Asians also presents the notion of “noble” wealth. As a result, the affluent elite view of the past is distorted and portrayed as a hindrance to future success. In this way, the movie promotes western ideals. But putting family first does not always make us happy, as the film demonstrates.

While the majority of the movie’s cast is Asian-American, the film falls short of capturing the story of average Chinese-Americans and Singaporeans. It also fails to fully represent the diverse population of Singapore, perpetuating racial stereotypes and portraying a one-dimensional view of Asia. Although the movie aims to be multicultural, it fails to do so. The film’s characters and cultural appropriation are often problematic, and the film does not do this effectively.


The average American household needs about $75k a year to live comfortably. In the U.S., interest on high security investments pays about 5%. That means that if you have $1.5M, you’re at the bottom rung of the crazy rich. However, wealth is not necessarily created through hard work. Instead, it comes from leveraging resources. Though the 1% may look like a millionaire, they’re not.


Despite the recent volatility in the crypto space, there is a lot of potential for cryptocurrencies, and the price of Crazy Rich Coin is certainly one of them. The value of this cryptocurrency is projected to rise in the coming years, and it is estimated to hit a high of $0.00045875 by 2030. If these predictions come true, the price of Crazy Rich Coin will increase exponentially. Listed below are some predictions for the coin’s price.

The film’s cast is diverse and inclusive, so it is unlikely to disappoint. While many critics have expressed concerns about the lack of Asian representation, the film’s diverse cast has received mostly positive reviews. This may also be one of the reasons why the film has become such a hot ticket in Hollywood. The actors in the film are well-known in Hollywood, and many are eagerly anticipating the sequel. If all goes well, the movie could upset the SAG Awards, which will be held on Sunday.

However, this film looks a little risky in the context of the weak comedy market. While comedies enjoyed a golden age during the 1980s and early 2000s, the genre eventually dipped as a dominant force. “Pretty Woman,” “Home Alone,” “Something About Mary,” and “Meet the Parents” were all hit comedies. By 2010, the trend was no longer so strong, and comedies have fallen out of favor.


If you are looking for a romantic comedy that’s both entertaining and heartwarming, look no further than Crazy Rich Asians. This Netflix original is based on the global bestseller and follows New Yorker Rachel Chu in her journey to Singapore. As a bonus, you can even watch live sports! If you’re not already a subscriber, consider getting one! It’s well worth the money and you’ll be rewarded with cool merchandise and collectibles!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect holiday or Valentine’s Day pick, then you can finally watch the original movie. It’s an award-winning romantic comedy, with multiple Oscar nominations and over $174 million in box office revenue. But, before you can stream Crazy Rich Asians on Netflix, here are some other ways to catch up. You can watch it online or download it to your local DVD player to enjoy it at your leisure.

Streaming is a great way to watch movies on the go! Netflix’s free trial offer makes it easy to watch movies on your computer. It also lets you save your favorites for later. In addition to streaming, you can buy individual episodes of the film, so you can watch them whenever you want. This way, you can watch as many movies as you want without paying full price. Just be sure to find a service that has a wide selection of streaming options.

Crazy Rich Grobogan

crazy rich grobogan

You might have heard of the term “crazy rich” when you first look at the Instagram page of the resident of Grobogan, Joko Suranto. You may also have heard of his takjil and fruit ice business, or perhaps the road he built in his village. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing that everyone can agree on, Suranto is a hero. He has been praised by netizens for his service to the community.

Joko Suranto

The name ‘Crazy Rich Grobogan’ is a nickname given by Indonesia’s president Joko Suranto. It has become a meme on social media. On April 29, 2022, Joko Suranto pulang ke kampung halamannya and membangun jalan 1,8 in Desa Jetis, Kecamatan Karangrayung, Grobogan, Jawa Tengah. Warga in the area sang antusiasme, referring to Joko Suranto’s nickname.

This Indonesian entrepreneur has managed to build his empire in Jakarta with his new wealth from his investments. He has invested millions of dollars in real estate and has a thriving business in the construction industry. He is also an active member of the community, serving as a community organizer and a volunteer. The people of Grobogan have a lot to be thankful for his hard work and generosity.

APBD Grobogan 2022 has been sold for Rp 2,5 triliun. Grobogan reportedly raked in Rp 2,8 million and is planning to spend all of it on infrastructure projects and business ventures. He has also leased out his private jet to a private jet company. The grobogan, meanwhile, owns many cars, including the Lexus Seri 570 and the Hyundai Palisade Signature.

In addition to his real estate investments, Joko Suranto has been involved in building roads and schools throughout Jawa Timur. He recently spent Rp2,8 million on a new paved road in the village of Desa Jetis. It has become one of the richest places in Indonesia! But what’s the source of this money? And does it matter? The answer is quite simple.

Road he built in his village

Thousands of local residents welcomed the return of Crazy Rich Grobogan, Joko Suranto, on Friday, April 29, 2022. The drum band club and other important officials were present as well, while hundreds of banners greeted him. It is a wonderful sight to see how the community has come together to support the man they love. In addition to congratulating him, many locals have also praised Joko Suranto for his service to the community.

The road that the ‘Crazy Rich Grobogan’ built in his village has become a viral story on social media. It is a 1.8 kilometer stretch in Grobogan’s Karangrayung District. Suranto’s generosity and personal funds have led to praises from local people. After the road was opened, Joko Suranto returned to Grobogan and was greeted with flower garlands.

Warga he rescued

Joko Suranto paid 2 million rupiah for the construction of the jalan in the kampung he rescued from the crazy rich grobogan. The warga he rescued was filmed by an Instagram account called video_medsos. He then jumped in his car and drove to the kampung to hand deliver the senyum.

Joko Suranto, the president of the Republic of Indonesia, met with the warga to save the women. He rescued them and enlisted the help of a marching band with many members. The marching band managed to thwart the crazy rich Grobogan’s plans to build a road. The warga then gathered in front of Joko Suranto’s house and greeted him.

After that, the warga began her journey home on foot, tagging along the way with her ribuan companion. The two women met up on a jalan 2 kilometers away from their homes, where the warga waited to be rescued. Joko Suranto, on the other hand, followed them. He had to walk two kilometers to get to his rumah, but the warga had made the journey and was grateful for the kindness and support.

Material he used

In 1896, the Coningen van Toemapel and Madjapait discovered a new material known as the Crazy Rich Grobogan. Located in South Africa, it was discovered in the jungles of Madjapait. Since then, it has become a popular alternative medicine. The Koningen van Toemapel and Madjapait discovered it and began selling it to Western countries.

Giovanni Ferrero – Crazy Rich in Balik Kinder Joy

BPOM RI yang diambil di sampel Kinder Joy for Boys, Kinder Joys for Girls

In Indonesia, Kinder Joys are a favourite among kids. Kinder Joys are available in three varieties, and the BPOM has announced that it will check all of them for possible Salmonella contamination. This recall is effective immediately.

The recall involves the tainted Kinder Joys for Boys and Girls sold in Indonesia. According to Infosan, the food safety network, BPOM RI, and the world’s food safety authorities were notified of the problem.

The company has contacted distributors throughout Indonesia, and the BPOM has been notified of the contamination. The company will update consumers with the latest information about the recall.

BPOM RI also carries out pengujian for Kinder products in Indonesia. In Indonesia, it’s a well-known fact that Salmonella is present in Kinder cokelat. However, it’s unclear whether this is true for the other countries. However, it’s best to follow food safety guidelines and avoid products that contain these ingredients.

BPOM Penny K Lukito ditarik sementara dari pasaran

This outbreak has affected 63 children and is the result of a contaminated lot. The retracted lot is currently in stock at various stores, but the public notice will be available soon. BPOM said it will release the hasil of the sampling by Minggu ketiga April.

The food safety of Kinder is a major concern, and BPOM will continue to monitor Kinder products in Indonesia. The Food Standard Agency (FSA) is a governmental organization that oversees food safety standards. The BPOM is one of many agencies that monitor food safety standards in the Indonesian food industry.

The BPOM has been in the news for years, but the company’s newest marketing campaign focuses on its long-term strategic plan. The company is focusing on delivering a higher return on investment to its investors. With the recent acquisition of a large retail chain, they’re attempting to increase their share price. That’s not necessarily good for the company, though, as a larger market would make more money for the company.

The new marketing campaign emphasizes the importance of healthy food and drink. As the world becomes increasingly health conscious, the importance of nutrition is becoming more apparent. BPOM Penny K Lukito is making headlines. It has been the mainstay of the company’s relaunch campaign, and has gained the support of many consumers. It’s a new, exciting time for the BPOM in Indonesia.

Drama China Great Miss D Sub indo

This drama, titled “Nona D Luar Biasa”, is available on WeTV Indonesia every day at 19:00 WIB. Subscribe to a VIP account to watch two episodes at once. You can catch up on each episode with the help of subtitles.

It’s a historical drama about women’s contributions to the freedom movement in China. Set in early 1930s Shanghai, the movie is a compelling account of how women fought for their rights. It’s a story of Ding Yiqing, the daughter of a wealthy Ningbo businessman. She meets Lin Mosheng, Du Ying, and Dong Hongyu, the leader of the Communist underground in Shanghai.

In this fictional world, a woman named Miss D struggles to survive her new life. Then, she encounters a man with an unbreakable personality. In addition to the mysterious Miss D, a woman from the United States tries to get her husband back.

Gramedia Santika Medan dan Gramedia Santika Medan

Giovanni Ferrero bernama crazy rich Italia dan ini dia crazy rich di Balik Kinder Joy. He’s one of the co-CEOs of Ferrero and was the ketua eksekutif at the company between 2011 and 2017. He’s a former director at Gramedia Santika Medan and a co-founder of the company, together with his wife, Pietro Ferrero.