Songs by Big & Rich (2025)

songs by big and rich

Songs by Big & Rich: The debut album of Big & Rich featured the biggest hits – “Holy Water”, ‘Big Time’ and ‘Lost in This Moment. Other tracks from Big & Rich have been recorded by Faith Hill, Martina McBride, and Gretchen Wilson. Big & Rich reunited in 2012 for the release of ‘Hillbilly’ their latest album as well as their previous album entitled ‘Gravity’. Even though ‘HolyWater” is their most well-known track, the duo also has several other hits.

Big and luxurious

Rapper Cowboy Troy is a 6-foot-five-inch black guy who blends country with rap. His songs have made him a distinct figure on the Nashville music scene during the modern era. His latest single “Country Fried Mix” is being played by more than 50 country radio stations. The song has been a staple at the city’s most popular weekend events. The singer has collaborated with famous country singers Big & Rich in addition to his own material.

Songs by Big & Rich

It was 2008 and Troy had been a director at Foot Locker and he headed to Nashville to purchase his rap meets country demos. Rich Big Kenny and Rich Big Kenny joined him and they formed “Muzik Mafia” which was known for its adventurous spirit. After three years of perfecting his live performance, Troy was asked to perform on Big & Rich’s smash hit song “Rollin’.” The track became a huge hit, as well as Troy, got his own recording contract with Warner Brothers Nashville.

large and wealthy, save for an excursion on horseback or with a cowboy

Big and Rich’s top song, “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” it’s an original cover version of the track. The track was released as the 2nd single of the Horse of a Different Color album, which was released in April. It premiered on commercials for ESPN during the 2004 World Series of Poker. The song soon gained huge views and eventually, it hit No. The video reached No. 11 on the charts.

Songs by Big & Rich

This track can be described as a classic example of a rap style that is country. Big & Rich performed the song in many styles. The music is a blend of traditional country music, R&B, and rock It’s not difficult to spot some similarities in the two bands. The track was featured on the Super Bowl XLI commercial for Chevrolet. The song was popular in country music , and also featured in Magic Mike’s 2012 movie.

Fake IDs for the rich as well as the large

American country duo Big & Rich have released Fake ID. It is featured on their album Footloose and was released by Big and Rich. The song reached the top 3 spot in Billboard’s Hot Country Song Chart. YouTube released the official music video of the track on July 20, 2011.

Songs by Big & Rich

John Rich and John Shanks composed the track. Music video for the song is appealing and is able to be used as an emoji.

Songs by Big & Rich

The lyrics from Fake ID describe a young teenager who wants to buy an identity card that looks like a fake so they can go to an exciting concert or local bar. If you’re 20 and don’t have an ID, you could feel left out and want be able to purchase a ticket to enter.

Songs by Big & Rich

Fake IDs are a great solution in this scenario. You can easily purchase a fake ID. The ID can be obtained once you’ve obtained it. After that, you’re able to travel across the nation by obtaining a driver’s permit.

The rolling hills are dominated by the rich and powerful

In 2004, Big & Rich released the single Rollin’. It’s one of best-selling songs of the band’s Horse of a Different Color album. Though the artist of the song is not well-known, the track has the duration of just 4:50 minutes. You can visit the JioSaavn App to download the track. If you want to listen to this track offline, make use of the JioSaavn App.

Bar that is big and rich in Nashville

The Big & Rich bar in Nashville is the ideal place to relax and enjoy country music while enjoying a relaxing setting. Big & Rich are an American country music duo comprised of John Rich and Big Kenny. John Rich was a bass guitarist in Lonestar along with Big Kenny sings and writes.

Songs by Big & Rich

They’ve sold over 100 million albums all over the globe. They’re also the most booked country band in the world since they have been operating since 1988.

Songs by Big & Rich

The Nashville Bar and restaurant were designed with the band’s needs in the back of their minds. The two of them Big Kenny and John Rich desired to be on the street, greeting people and watching the band take the stage. It’s easy to take part with the music and action with this layout.

Songs by Big & Rich

The bar’s floorplan is that is designed to be suitable for the band as well in their patrons. Big & Rich plans to launch additional locations within Myrtle Beach, Pensacola and Pensacola.

Big and rich group

There’s a need to go deeper into the catalog to locate Big as well as Rich songs. One of their most memorable tracks is “Lost in This Moment” that they dropped as the first single off Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace in 2007. It quickly went to number one in the country charts and was the group’s sole number One single. Also, it had briefly in the adult contemporary genre that peaked at number 12.

Songs by Big & Rich

Apart from their smash albums, Big & Rich have recorded a wide variety of tracks for artists other than their own. They recorded in 2007 a Beastie Boys cover, “Same Old Situation.” They sang the backing vocals on Tim McGraw’s and Clint Black’s album from 2008. Their 5th album “Gravity”, was released in the year 2014. Even though their albums are extremely successful, they’re not as well-known as they once were.

A cowboy is an enormous and wealthy man

The group’s debut single “Big and Rich ride with the cowboy” was made available in 2004. The song was hugely popular. The song was featured in TV commercials in order to announce this year’s World Series of Poker. It was awarded platinum and gold certifications, eventually achieving triple platinum. Although the other tracks on the album proved to be successful, “Save a Horse” was a low-charting No. 11 hit. Whatever the case, the track remains one the Big and Rich’s most-seller songs of all time.

Songs by Big & Rich

This track is a crossover between rock and country and depicts the arrival of the group to Nashville and the events they throw. This music video was made in Nashville in the summer of 2004. The music video is a collaboration between Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, and dancers, as well as one of the groups marching. Chevrolet included the song in a Super Bowl XLI commercial. The music video also appears in the 2012 movie Magic Mike.

Big and rich vietnam song

Just a few months ago, Big & Rich released a Vietnam-inspired song “8th of November.” The music video was an inspiration for Niles Harris, who is a Vietnam vet. The tale is told in the music video in the voice of Kris Kristofferson, who introduces the track. Niles Harris gifted Big Kenny his famous top cap, and the tune pays tribute to those who were in the war.

Songs by Big & Rich

The single “The 8th Of November” came out in July 2006 and the music video debuted with the release of “The 8th Of November” in June. The music video was followed by a documentary titled “The 8th of November: A True American Story of Honor,” which is a story of Niles Harris. The film takes place on the battlefields of Vietnam and tells of his experiences during the Vietnam war. It was directed by Robert Deaton, and the music video was produced by Maz Makhani.

Songs by Big & Rich

If you’ve been listening to the music of Big & Rich, you may have heard a few of their songs but haven’t really gotten into them. The album, Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace, was released in 2007, and featured several singles, including ‘Lost in This Moment,’ which became the duo’s only Number One hit. The song spent two weeks at the top of the country music charts and began receiving airplay on adult contemporary radio, where it reached number twelve.

‘Holy Water’

“Holy Water” is a song by American country music duo Big & Rich. The song was released in September 2004 as the third single from their debut album, Horse of a Different Color. The song reached the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, peaking at number 15.

Songs by Big & Rich

The song was written by Big Kenny, John Rich, Vicky McGee, and Jeff Cohen. The song is inspired by Charlene, a sister of Big Kenny. The song is a prayer to the victims of domestic abuse.

Songs by Big & Rich

The song was written by Keith Anderson and Rodney Clawson and features the duo playing a guitar and singing in a bar. It is a moving song about a marriage that is strained by emotional pain and the desire to save the bride. It is also Big & Rich’s only No. 1 hit, “Lost in This Moment.”

‘Run Away With You’

“Run Away With You” by Big & Rich is the second single off the album Gravity. The album is the first on the Big & Rich Records label. The single is about a couple who go on a journey, from a diner to a hike in the mountains, to a concert stage. Big & Rich’s video for the song was directed by Lloyd Norman and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Songs by Big & Rich

In 2015, Big & Rich released “Run Away With You” from their debut album Gravity. The song is a follow up to their previous Top 10 hit, “When I Look At You.” The track was written by Michael Ray and John Rich. Rich and Big Kenny’s harmonies are fantastic in “Run Away With You.” The song also shows the duo’s softer side.

‘Horse of a Different Color’

Despite its title, ‘Horse of a Difference Color’ by Big & Rich is not a country album. The album is a tongue-in-cheek, country-rock song with big hooks and a bit of unbridled weirdness. While this album can get a bit goofy at times, it is wilder and more fun than most contemporary country albums from 2004.

Songs by Big & Rich

Although Big & Rich are Nashville-based professional country musicians, they are not stuck following any genre conventions. For instance, they open a bar called ‘Texas Ya’ll’ and wear cowboy hats to sleep. Big & Rich are possibly homosexual and big, dumb white trash. But they are also a bit warmer than you’d think, and their debut album, ‘Horse of a Different Color,’ showcases their songwriting skills and blends country with other genres.

Songs by Big & Rich

This album features the rapping Cowboy Troy, Big & Rich, and John Paul McCartney. The album is billed as a country without prejudice, but the result is anything but. The album sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus is driving a juggernaut, and despite the tawdry enterprise, it is a good listen. This album will be a staple in your music library.

‘Comin’ to Your City’

‘Comin’ to Your City’ is a solid album that combines hip-hop posturing with arena-rock powerchords. The lyrics are catchy, and the song’s chorus screams “somebody’s got to be unafraid of the freak parade.” The single features big swagger and aggressive electric guitar numbers, proving that Big & Rich belong in the same league as the neo-Outlaws.

Songs by Big & Rich

‘Comin’ to Your City’ is one of Big & Rich’s best-known songs, having peaked at number 21 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has become a favorite of the Sean Hannity Show and is also the current theme of ESPN’s College GameDay. In addition, the song includes references to various college football teams.

Songs by Big & Rich

The album also features a music video directed by Jeff Richter. The music video premiered the week of September 12, 2005. It debuted at number 52 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart the following week. In addition to the music video, a single featuring Big & Rich was released as the lead single. The single has already surpassed the coveted number one spot on the U.S. country charts.

‘Did It for the Party’

Big & Rich made a splash in the Country music scene with their triple-platinum debut album Horse of a Different Color, and the duo quickly became huge. With hits like Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) and Holy Water, they were hugely successful within a relatively short period of time.

Songs by Big & Rich

Their second album, Gravity, failed to match the success of their debut, but the duo proved to be just as formidable on the singles chart. After a few years, they returned to release another double-platinum album, Did It For the Party.

This album is a mellower affair than the duo has made in the past. After ballad-heavy Gravity, Big & Rich have turned their focus to more reflective material. The result is an album that is laced with wisdom, featuring lyrics that are aimed at the next generation. Though it’s the sixth studio album from Big & Rich, the duo haven’t lost their energy or passion for music.

Songs by Big & Rich

Their new album, Did It for the Party, has been long in the making. The duo has been able to maintain their signature sound even after switching between genres, and this latest album is a great example of their continuing evolution.

Songs by Big & Rich

With their own label, they have continued to improve their skills and reach for the top. As a result, the pair have maintained a consistent chart career for more than a decade, and fans have been anxiously awaiting this disc.