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About Our Mortgage Services

VCare Title LLC provides an extensive range of mortgage solutions tailored for mortgage professionals, bankers, brokers, and lenders across the United States. Our services are streamlined and process-oriented, adhering to internationally accepted standards, ensuring that our clients receive the best return on their investments.

Our Mortgage Services Process Flow

Loan Setup:

  • Document Splitting and Indexing: Efficiently split and index documents into appropriate folders.
  • Form Completion: Complete 1003 and other forms in the Loan Origination System (LOS).

Loan Processing Support:

  • Initial Quality Control and Credit Check: Conduct initial quality control and credit checks, and provide pre-approval.
  • Third-Party Documentation: Order and receive third-party documents such as Title, Verification of Employment (VOE), and Homeowners Insurance (HOI).
  • FHA and VA Loans: Fetch case numbers for FHA and VA loans.
  • Document Review: Review complete files and all supporting documents.
  • Automated Underwriting Systems: Run DU/LP and ensure there are no red flags.
  • File Submission: Submit the file for underwriting.

Underwriting Support:

  • Review Reports: Review asset, income, and title reports.
  • Appraisal Review: Conduct appraisal reviews and request revisions if necessary.
  • AUS Findings: Review AUS findings and clear conditions.
  • Final Approval: Provide final sign-off and approval for funding.

Closing Support:

  • Document Preparation: Prepare and review closing documents.
  • Clearing Conditions: Clear closing conditions and send closing instructions.
  • Prelim Document Preparation: Prepare the preliminary document and review the final document.
  • Closing Coordination: Schedule and coordinate closing.

Shipping/Loan Delivery:

  • Loan Package Preparation: Prepare and review loan packages.
  • Document Upload: Upload documents to the investor’s portals.
  • Loan Delivery Form: Fill up the loan delivery form and submit the package.

Post Closing Support:

  • Trailing Document Retrieval: Retrieve trailing documents.
  • Compliance Audit: Conduct post-closing compliance audits.
  • Quality Control Audit: Perform quality control audits.

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VCare Title LLC for Mortgage Services?

Your Trusted Partner for Reliable and Efficient Services

Expertise and Experience

Our team has extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, ensuring top-notch service.

Client-Centric Approach

We focus on providing the best return on investment for our clients.

Streamlined Processes

We follow a streamlined, process-oriented approach that adheres to internationally accepted standards.

Comprehensive Support

From loan setup to post-closing support, we offer end-to-end mortgage solutions.

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