Big and Rich are a group of American musicians (2022)

Big and Rich are a group of American musicians

Big and Rich: Big & Rich are a group of American musicians. Known for their pop songs “Comin’ to Your City,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” and “Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy,” the duo split up in 2009, and decided to concentrate on solo projects. Rich’s Son of a Preacher Man was released in the spring of 2009, and Kenny’s Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll farm boy appeared in the fall. However, the duo reunited in 2010, collaborating on their fourth studio album “Hillbilly Jedi.” The album included songs written with Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Bon Jovi’s involvement was instrumental in getting George Lucas’ permission to use the album in the film.

John Rich

John Rich is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Amarillo, Texas, Rich moved to Nashville in the early 1990s to pursue his career in music. His parents were Baptist ministers. He attended Dickson County Senior High School and later attended Nashville’s Opryland USA. Rich started his career as a bass guitarist and substituted for Richie McDonald. He was the youngest member of the duo and began his music career at a young age.

Rich also worked as a songwriter and producer for other artists, including Keith Anderson, Jewel, and Taylor Swift. He co-wrote several singles for other artists, including “Lost in this Moment”. He also co-wrote a song for Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. He also wrote the song “Dark Days” for heavy metal band Black Label Society.

John Rich has been married to Joan Rich since 2008. He and his wife have two sons, Colt and Cash. Rich is also a political activist, supporting several candidates for president. On the 2008 Presidential Election, he supported Republican candidate John McCain and performed at the Republican National Convention’s closing ceremony. In 2009, he endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in a special congressional election in Northern New York. In 2010, he endorsed Republican candidate Zach Wamp for governor of Tennessee. In the following year, he hosted a series of parties in Nashville for Wamp’s campaign.

Big Kenny

Big Kenny is a famous American singer and songwriter. He is a native of Culpeper, Virginia and grew up on a cattle farm. He learned to play the saxophone in church and later played in his high school jazz band. While in high school, he attended the Governor’s School For The Gifted. After graduating, he decided to take a break from music. He took on other jobs, including a work crew, which gave him valuable experience and knowledge.

Big Kenny was born November 1, 1963. He is currently 59 years old. He was born on a Friday. He will turn 60 in 56 days. Big Kenny is also known as William Kenneth Alphin. Big Kenny was a member of the country music duo Big & Rich.

In addition to his work with the Big & Rich group, Big Kenny also released solo albums. His first album, “Cry With You”, peaked at No. 197 on the Billboard 200. He also co-wrote songs for Gretchen Wilson and Jason Aldean. He recently released an album titled Electro Shine.

Kenny Alphin

Big Kenny was born on November 1, 1963. He is an American country music singer, humanitarian, and farmer. He is also a father, husband, and brother. He also serves as the Chief Imagination Officer of the University of Creativity. Together, he and his partner, John Rich, have released four studio albums through Warner Bros. Records and charted numerous singles on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Growing up on a farm in Virginia, Big Kenny became interested in fixing things. He learned to play the saxophone and was part of the church choir. He also was a member of the high school jazz band. After high school, he went to the Governor’s School For The Gifted and studied music. When his senior year came, he took a break from music to run a work crew.

Kenny Alphin grew up on a cattle farm in Culpeper, Virginia. The family has been in the area for over 250 years. His family farm also served as a hospital during the Civil War. As a child, he helped out in all aspects of the family farm. He also learned a number of skills, including raising cows.

Comin’ to Your City

Big & Rich have a knack for fusing hip-hop posturing with arena-rock powerchords. Their best songs are full-on anthems, and Comin’ to Your City is no exception. The band has a certain swagger that makes them hard to resist, and the aggressive electric guitar numbers add to the album’s swagger.

Big & Rich’s 2005 single “Comin’ to Your City” has become a beloved anthem, even if many music fans once hated the song. In fact, “Comin’ to Your City” is now the theme song for college gameday, and it’s as much an American folk anthem as the zombified chant of “Seven Nation Army.”

Lovin’ Lately

Tim McGraw is featured on the music video for Big & Rich’s “Lovin’ Lately.” The song tells the story of a guy who lost his love and has a hard time dealing with it. The song has a strong bridge and sharp storytelling. It was written by Big & Rich and produced by Big Kenny Alphin. Tim McGraw’s character is the one who paid for the breakup.

Big & Rich are back with their new single “Lovin’ Lately,” featuring Tim McGraw. The song features a video directed by Trey Fanjoy and is part of the Gravity Quadrilogy series. The band is preparing for a busy end to 2015 by performing at the Battle of the Bands Nashville on Dec. 29, and will begin 2016 with a concert at the IntelliCentrics Outdoor Concert Series. They’ll also perform during the NHL Fan Fair presented by Bridgestone in Nashville on Jan. 28, 2016.


Texas-based artists Big & Rich have released several albums and singles. They have collaborated with artists such as Gretchen Wilson and James Otto, as well as written music for movies. The duo are also founding members of the country-rock band Lonestar and the music group Musik Mafia. The duo met in 1999 and joined the group as songwriters. Eventually, they left Lonestar to form a band together.

Big & Rich’s third album, Between Hell and Amazing Grace, was released in 2007, and featured the single “Lost in the Moment”. The duo paused for a year while Big Kenny recuperated from a neck injury. The duo returned to the scene in 2011 with the release of their single “Fake ID.” Since then, Big & Rich have released three more studio albums. In addition to their own albums, Big & Rich have written countless songs for other artists. Their single “Long After I’m Gone” charted at number 34.

The duo came together from different backgrounds and merged their talents to make a successful country music duo. John Rich had already been a member of the country group Lonestar, and Big Kenny Alphin had a successful solo career on Hollywood Records. After joining forces, they launched their first album, Horse of a Different Color, which debuted at No. 21. It also included the single “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” which became an instant hit. The duo released a colorful music video with the song.


In the country music world, Lonestar is known for their hit songs. One of these songs, “No News,” has reached number one on the charts. This song is about a narrator whose lover has disappeared. In the lyrics, the narrator lists different possible locations.

Lonestar has had a number of notable personnel changes. They have gone from being a duo to a full-size band. Four members have left the band over the years, which has both contributed to their rise and their fall. However, one constant has been their label. Lonestar’s demise was due to a breakdown in the band’s relationship with the label.

While Big & Rich were shunned by the Nashville mainstream for a long time, the new millennium saw them as a pop icon in the country genre. The release of their fourth studio album, Horse of a Different Color, erased any lingering memories of John Rich’s years on the fringes of major-label studios.

Rich was a lead vocalist on “Heartbroke Every Day” and a co-writer of several cuts on Lonestar’s first two albums. However, his departure from the group was not announced until after the release of the group’s fourth album, Crazy Nights. This could be attributed to the group’s success, but it is unclear why the two songwriters parted ways.

Who is the Female Singer With Big and Rich?

Who is the female singer with Big and Rich

If you’re looking for a female singer in country music, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about Gretchen Wilson, Trisha Yearwood, Olivia Newton-John, Tina Arena, and more. We also explore some of the most popular country singers today.

Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen Wilson is an American singer, known for her hit songs “Redneck Woman” and “Skoal Ring.” She has performed at various awards shows and was the recipient of numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. She is also the recipient of a CMA Horizon Award and was named Female Vocalist of the Year. However, Wilson has admitted that she has experienced many low points in her career. Her first single, “Redneck Woman,” became a six-week No. 1 hit and helped launch her career.

Wilson has a daughter, Grace, from a previous relationship. Her father is a music producer, and she inherited her natural musical talent from her father. In August 2018, Wilson was arrested in Connecticut for breach of peace. This charge was later dismissed, but Wilson donated $500 to a fund for crime victims.

Wilson grew up in a trailer park with her single mother. At age 14, she left school to pursue her music career. Then, she was discovered by Big and Rich. Since then, she has received numerous awards and is a popular singer in the Nashville music scene. In August 2009, she founded her own record label, Redneck Records.

Gretchen Wilson is a country music sensation. Her song “Redneck Woman” was released as the lead single of her debut album. The song topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for five weeks and has become Wilson’s signature song. The song is a country classic and has been deemed one of the best country songs of all time.

Wilson met Rich in Nashville, Tennessee, and eventually became the vocalist for the duo’s debut album. Wilson was also a member of the Muzik Mafia, a group that was created to promote unity and love among artists. The group’s members performed in public jam sessions whose members experimented with genre mixing. The group even had jam sessions with Kid Rock, Bobby Brown, and Siqo.

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood is a country singer who possesses a versatile voice and has a keen ear for song selection. She has remained a strong presence in the country genre throughout the 1990s, adapting to the growing influence of pop music. Trisha Yearwood creates memorable female characters with her storytelling voice and has four studio albums to her credit.

After the tremendous success of Inside Out, Yearwood took some time to release her next album. After extensive song selection, she chose songs that would speak of love in its various forms. The result is a classy record that expresses Yearwood’s emotions perfectly.

Trisha Yearwood was born on September 19, 1964, and cites her greatest influence as the country music star Linda Ronstadt. She also draws inspiration from other great country singers, such as Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris. She developed her musical talent in Nashville and toured with Garth Brooks for several years.

Trisha Yearwood has had several successful career moves and is currently working on a cooking show that will focus on Southern cuisine. Her cookbook, “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen,” was released in 2012, and she has a show on the Food Network called “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.”

Trisha Yearwood is one of the most successful female country singers today. She was named the top female vocalist by the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association. In 1997, she was hailed as the most talented female singer in the industry.

Trisha Yearwood is one half of an iconic country music couple. She is married to country star Garth Brooks. The couple has both had successful careers as country singers and television stars, and she has greatly contributed to her husband’s net worth.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John is a popular Australian female singer, whose career has spanned three decades. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and has fought it twice. In 2013, she was diagnosed with another form of cancer in her lower back. This time, she was misdiagnosed with sciatica, but later revealed that she was actually suffering from breast cancer. The cancer had metastasized to her bones and lower back. To treat her pain, she used cannabis oil.

Since her early career, Olivia Newton-John has been deeply connected with nature. She loved riding horses and maintained a menagerie of animals at her Malibu home. One of her albums, Physical, was a cover of a song about wild horses running free, and another featured a duet with the band ELO. Later, Olivia was appointed UN ambassador for the Environment and sang in a collaboration called Spirit of the Forest. Her latest album, Gaia, features a strong environmental theme.

Among her other interests, Olivia Newton-John had a successful career as an actress. She was married to Jeff Conaway for several years, and the couple had three children together. In addition to her music, she was also an author and producer. Her net worth was around $60 million when she died of cancer in 2022.

Olivia Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948, in Cambridge, England. She grew up with her mother, Irene, and two siblings, Rona and Hugh. Her father worked as a MI5 officer during World War II. He later became the Headmaster of Cambridgeshire High School for Boys. At six years old, she moved with her family to Melbourne, Australia. She also began studying at Ormond College, University of Melbourne.

Tina Arena

Tina Arena, the female singer of Big and Rich, has a rich history in the music industry. She has performed with Big and Rich for nearly three decades, winning several awards and making a name for herself in the industry. She began her career singing jingles and pub songs before gaining fame as a songwriter. Her breakthrough came in 1990 when she recorded her debut album, Strong as Steel. In 1997, her song “In Deep” shot to No. 1 and went gold overnight.

Tina Arena has a large fan base. As an artist, she has released 12 studio albums and four live albums. She has also released 45 singles and 36 music videos. She also released her autobiography in 2013 and it has been reprinted four times. She has shared the stage with big-name artists including Lionel Richi, Donna Summer, and Andrea Bocelli. Her vocal virtuosity has resulted in a rich, eclectic body of work.

Tina Arena is an Australian singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. She was born in Keilor East, Victoria, in November 1967. She has sold more than 10 million records worldwide and is one of the most successful musicians in Australia. She has a son named Gabriel Joseph.

Born in Australia, Tina Arena has enjoyed success since her early years as a singer. She began her career as a child on the Australian variety show “Young Talent Time”. She became a household name and is considered Australia’s number one female artist. She has won seven ARIA Awards and is a member of the Order of Australia.


The 13-year-old singer is a rising star in the world of music. She first gained national attention when she appeared on season twelve of America’s Got Talent in 2017. In addition to her successful performance, Hale has also endorsed multiple brands. In 2017, she was named the youngest runner-up in the history of the show.

Big and Rich are brothers and first-rate musicians and songwriters. Unlike many country acts, Big & Rich’s music has a unique and modern sound. Their Triple Platinum album Horse of a Different Color filtered the best strands of pop and country music into their sound. They are one of the most original musical forces of our time.

Hale is an excellent example of how diverse the music industry can be. In addition to singing on one of the most well-known songs in the country genre, she is also a talented guitarist and has performed with many other artists. Throughout her career, she has been making headlines, including a performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” alongside Eric Church. Her voice has been featured in several other places as well, including Revolver, where she was featured as one of the “Hottest Metal Chicks.” In addition to being featured in the band’s new album, Hale has appeared on TV and radio shows around the world. She is also a vocalist with a signature Gibson guitar, which was used in a Dream Theatre track.

Hale’s debut album Road Between reached No. 4 in the US country music charts. She has since branched out into acting, appearing in movies like CSI Miami and The Bionic Woman. She has also appeared on TV in CSI: Miami and Pretty Little Liars.

Hall Oates Rich Girl Lyrics Genius

Hall Oates  Rich Girl Lyrics Genius

If you like Hall Oates, you’ll probably be familiar with several of his songs. These include You’re a Fine Girl and Too Much, Too Late. But did you know that he also wrote “Sara Smile”? The lyrics were written for Hall’s then-girlfriend Sara Allen.

Sign of the Times

Hall & Oates’ song “Rich Girl” is a classic example of tongue-in-cheek pop satire. It was a hit when it was released in 1975 and it features smug lyrics about the carefree life of a rich girl. The song’s title is a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm that refers to Hall and Oates’ former love interest, Sara Allen.

The duo’s music was often schizophrenic in the 1970s, ranging from folk to pop to R&B to prog. But their sonic palate has been increasingly narrowed over the years. They have strayed from their original sound, and their most recent albums have been less experimental.

Daryl Hall and John Oates, who have been creative partners for over 40 years, are both busy with solo careers. The duo’s latest album “Another Good Road” features 15 new songs. Produced by Hot Chelle Rae and Bekka Bramlett, “Another Good Road” is one of the duo’s best work to date.

Hall & Oates’ era in pop music began with a hit single. The duo teamed up for the song, “Rich Girl,” from their 1976 album Bigger Than Both of Us. The song was the first of six No. 1 hits for Hall & Oates in the United States. Hall & Oates had been working together for a decade when RCA decided to stick to the same production process for their 1977 album, Beauty on a Back Street. It was the first number-one single for the duo, and they had six number-one singles in the 1970s and 1980s.

You’re a Fine Girl

Hall Oates You’re a Fine Girls is one of the band’s biggest hits, and despite its ’70s origins, it remains a perennial hit. This inspirational anthem first peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 1981. It continues to be popular and has been featured in numerous films. The song was written by John Oates and is considered to be one of the best songs of all time.

You’re a Rich Girl

Hall Oates’ You’re a rich girl is a catchy tune about the comfort of money and how it can keep people from trying new things. The band Lake Street Dive adds a bluesy jazz sound to Hall and Oates’ classic song. With vocalist Rachael Price lending her soul to the song, the band embraces the risks that come with being a young band attempting to make a name for themselves.

Hall and Oates released their first album in 1972, and sold more than 13 million records, selling over six million singles. Their signature sound melded rock, jazz, and soul to create a unique sound. They were also praised for their technical musicianship. The duo enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with their manager Tommy Mottola.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

If you’re a fan of Hall & Oates, then you’re probably a fan of the song’s lyrics. The duo’s song, titled Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, evokes confusion and longing about love, life, and everything in between. The lyrics are a masterful showcase for the duo’s lyrical genius.

Looking Glass

Hall & Oates are a duo that can make a song sound genuinely sad if the lyrics aren’t too dramatic. The album contains two ballads that are unlike anything else on the market. “Georgie” is a sad tale of a teenage love affair cut short by tragedy, while “Waterwheel” is an achingly tender account of rear-window boyhood. The second half of the album drags a bit, but overall it’s a tender and sensitive first step for the duo.

The album features some of Hall & Oates’ most memorable vocal interplay. The title track is a movie plot in song form, with a memorable Hall vocal. It also features guitar solos straight out of ’70s cop shows, as well as sophisticated soul ballads. Even the last minute of the album features a chicken in a bread pan, making it the perfect anthem to the ’70s.

The duo’s most successful work came shortly after the “Son of Sam” murders. Hall and Oates were so confident that they wrote nearly every song with the possibility of becoming a hit single. “I’m Not Your Man” became one of the most recognizable No. 1 singles of the decade.

Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” was inspired by a particular moment in Hall’s life. The song’s title came to Hall during an evening with his girlfriend, Sara Allen. A former lover had stopped by, and he was struck by her “rich girl” demeanor.

Hall & Oates’ rich girl lyrics were reportedly inspired by the life of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. Victor Walker’s father owned fifteen KFC franchises and was the owner of The Walker Bros. Original Pancake House in Chicago.

Who Are Big and Rich Married To?

Who is Big and Rich married to

If you’re wondering who Big and Rich are married to, you’re not alone. The question has been a hot topic on the internet for the past several years. The pair started performing together in 2012. Their first album, Hillbilly Jedi, was released in 2012 and ended their contract with Warner Bros. Nashville. Later, they established their own record label, Big & Rich Records, and released their album collection “Gravity.”

Joan Bush

Country music star John Rich and Joan Bush are married. This is the couple’s second marriage. The couple married on December 6, 2008. The couple has two children. Their first son is named William, while the second child is named Jesse. Their marriage was a big deal in the country music world.

John Rich and Joan Bush were dating for around five years before they got married. However, they keep their personal life private. They welcomed their first child on January 10, 2010 – three days after John’s birthday! They have not yet shared any photos of their kids, keeping the kids’ privacy.

Joan Bush is an agent and former model. She was John Rich’s longtime girlfriend. The two were secretly dating for over five years. It was not publicized until close friends revealed the news. The two did not appear together at red carpets or other high-profile events until this week. The two are expected to resume their Big and Rich tour sometime in June.

John Rich is an American singer-songwriter. He was part of the country band Lonestar from 1992 to 1998. He played bass guitar in the band and alternated with Richie McDonald on lead vocal duties. After the band split up, he began working on a solo album and released two extended plays. He and Joan Bush were married on December 6, 2008.

John Rich

On Saturday, John Rich and his longtime girlfriend, Joan Bush, got married in Nashville, Tennessee. Bush is an agent and former model who owns First Class Models in Houston. The couple had been dating for more than five years and are settling down. The two have kept a low profile, avoiding red carpets and official events.

The couple has three children: Cash, Luca James, and Colt Daniel. Cash, the oldest, is 22 months old. John Rich and his wife, Joan, have three sons together. They live in a large mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. While the couple hasn’t been open about their relationship, there is no doubt that they have a good relationship.

John Rich is an American singer and songwriter. He was previously a member of the country group Lonestar from 1992 to 1998, alternating lead vocalist duties with Richie McDonald. He later started a solo career on BNA Records. He recorded two singles and an album, but the record was not released until 2006. In 2001, Rich released his own solo album, Rescue Me, which was inspired by his girlfriend’s daughter’s cancer diagnosis. After that, he joined Big Kenny in a duo called Big & Rich, and the duo has released three albums on Warner Bros.

Big Kenny has a solo career and also recorded an album for Hollywood Records in 1999. However, the album was not released until 2005. He also fronts the band luvjOi, a country-pop band. He co-wrote songs for Big and Rich and also wrote singles for Gretchen Wilson and Tim McGraw.

Big Kenny

Big Kenny and Rich are married and are expecting their first child. The couple met while working as stylists for various country music artists. The two have dabbled in graphic design and love to wear big, dramatic clothes. They’re not afraid to wear bright colors or bold patterns, and they’re known for their extravagant jewelry.

The couple are already a hit duo, and they are planning to tour together in 2018. The first show that they plan to perform is in Houston, on Nov. 4. The duo will also be in Houston for the Houston concert. Big Kenny was born on November 1, 1963. He has two sons from a previous marriage.

Big Kenny Alphin is a multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, and performer. He met John Rich, a former lead vocalist of Lonestar, and they formed Big & Rich in 2004. The duo has released three albums with Warner Bros. Records and have had number-one hits with “Lost in this Moment.” They have also released several Top 40 country hits. The pair has also partnered up with the songwriters’ association, MuzikMafia. Their partnership has increased Kenny’s net worth and helped them establish a successful career together.

Big Kenny and Rich are married. Both of them are good-will ambassadors and philanthropists. They have traveled the world and have supported education in Africa. Rich has also joined numerous charitable outreaches, including a one-time appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice, which raised over $1 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Gretchen Wilson

Big and Rich’s wife, Gretchen Wilson, is an American country singer. She has been married to the country music legend since 2000. The couple has three children. They have a large fan base in the United States and abroad. Wilson was born in Tennessee. She is the daughter of a minister and a businesswoman. She is a former actress and model.

Gretchen Wilson was born in 1973. She was only able to attend school until she was in the eighth grade, but she worked as a cook and bartender in a small town near St. Louis. She even kept a shotgun nearby while working. In 2004, she and Rich released a song called “Redneck Woman” celebrating her humble background. She credits Faith Hill for planting the idea of the song.

Wilson rose to fame in the music industry after her breakthrough song “Redneck Woman” became a hit. Her song became an anthem for country girls across the globe. In an interview with Taste of Country, Wilson explained the inspiration behind the song.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is a singer and actor. He has been married to Faith Hill since 1996. He is the son of a former baseball player named Tug McGraw. He is also the father of three daughters, one named Faith and two named Savannah. After 20 years of marriage, the couple has committed to simple gift-giving.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a combined net worth of 165 million dollars. In 2016, they were recognized as country royalty when they were given stars on Music Row Walk of Fame, located in Nashville. This honor placed them alongside Madonna, Dolly Parton and Keith Urban. They also organized the Nashville Rising benefit concert to benefit victims of the Tennessee floods.

In 2007, Big and Rich released the single “Lost in This Moment” as the lead single off their album Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace. This single topped the country charts for two weeks, becoming Big and Rich’s only Number One single. The song then went on to receive airplay on adult contemporary radio, where it peaked at number twelve.

Although McGraw has not revealed the reason for leaving Sony Music Nashville, his spokesperson denied that Tim and Faith were on the verge of a divorce. The two recently posted a throwback photo at the Oscars where they were in attendance.

Clint Black

The relationship between Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black began in 1990. The two met at a concert and dated for about a year. The couple eventually split, but have remained friends and professional partners ever since. The couple has recorded three duets and worked together on numerous films. Clint Black is the father of one daughter from a previous relationship.

Clint Black’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. He has a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. In 1987, he met guitarist and songwriter Hayden Nicholas. They worked on demos at his home studio. This relationship led to a successful career for both men.

Aside from his musical talent, Clint Black is also a gifted songwriter. He has made country music hip and cool. In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Black explained that he wrote a love song specifically for his wife. The song is called “My Girl,” and Black said that he wanted it to be special for his wife.

Big & Rich’s first single “Lost in This Moment” was released in early 2007. It is Big & Rich’s only Number One single and spent two weeks on the country music charts. The song was a hit in both mainstream country radio and on adult contemporary radio. The couple are also parents of two children.


Big and Rich founded the country music group MuzikMafia, which consists of various country musicians. On Jan. 23, 2005, the two got married. They have two children together, Lincoln William Holiday Alphin and Dakota Jefferson Holiday Alphin. Both of them have two children from previous relationships. The couple met each other backstage during one of the singer’s shows in Idaho. The first marriage ended in 2003.

Kenny Alphin is an American country music singer. He is part of the country duo Big & Rich. The duo has recorded three studio albums for Warner Bros. Records and charted several singles. Big Kenny also recorded a solo album in 1999 called Live a Little. After the band disbanded, he married Christiev Carothers, a model who has two sons from a previous marriage.

Who Passed Away in Big and Rich?

Who passed away in Big and Rich

We’ve all been curious about who passed away on Big and Rich? Among them are John Rich and Cleda Ann “Granny” Rich. But did you know that Granny Rich had died a month before her son Kenny Alphin was born? Did you know that she died from a stroke? It’s heartbreaking to learn this. And it’s heartbreaking to think that the family that made Big and Rich famous lost their beloved grandmother.

Cleda Ann “Granny” Rich

John Rich has shared some sad news on Twitter: his grandmother, Cleda Ann “Granny” – the inspiration for his whiskey line – has passed away. The 88-year-old grandmother of the Big and Rich duo was born in Pampa, Texas, on February 14, 1932. According to John, Granny was strong, funny, and caring. In his post, he added the hashtag #RIPGrannyRich.

Cleda Ann “Granny” was a seamstress who spent 40 hours a week at an alterations shop outside of Nashville. Rich later paid tribute to her through his whiskey line, Granny Rich Reserve. Despite her hard work, Granny Rich always put her family first and always did the right thing.

John Rich

John Rich shared the sad news of the passing of his grandmother, Cleda Ann “Granny” Rich, on Twitter. The late woman, who inspired John’s whiskey line, passed away at age 88. She was born in Pampa, Texas in 1932 and was a seamstress who lived in Ashland City, Tennessee. In a statement, Rich described her as a strong, funny, and caring woman. He added the hashtag #RIPGrannyRich to his post.

While Big and Rich were most famous for their hit country songs, the pair also worked as producers and songwriters for other artists. They co-wrote a number of singles for other artists, including Jewel, Gretchen Wilson, and Keith Anderson. In addition, they wrote songs for Taylor Swift, including “Fearless” and “Dark Days.” In addition to singing and producing their own material, Big & Rich also penned songs for heavy metal bands.

“All in the Family” became an Emmy award-winning sitcom, and Rich shared the award with executive producer Norman Lear for the episode. The show was one of the first to address social issues through the lens of a working-class Queens family. His death was the result of a short illness.

After joining Big Kenny in 2002, Rich worked with him as a lead vocalist. Together, they released three studio albums under Warner Bros. Records. One of those albums, “Lost in This Moment”, became the duo’s Number One single. Big and Rich took a hiatus from their recording careers in 2007 and 2008. After the hiatus, Rich reunited with Big Kenny to form the country duo Big and Rich. They toured and released three studio albums under Warner Bros.

John Rich passed away on January 8, 2019. He was married to Patricia for 22 years. They had three children, three stepchildren, and eight grandchildren. He was also a strong advocate for the Directors Guild of America. He served as chairman of the DGA Foundation for 50 years and the DGA-Producer Pension Plan.

Kenny Alphin’s father

Kenny Alphin’s father, Bill Alphin, died last Wednesday. The country singer and his bandmates were due to play a show at the FireKeepers Casino Hotel on February 3. They have since canceled the show, and the FireKeepers have rescheduled the show for a later date.

Alphin is survived by one sister and four children, including Christiev. He also has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Alphin will be buried at Restland Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. A celebration of his life is planned for Feb. 4, and the family has asked fans to donate to the VMDAEC Education Scholarship Foundation in his memory. Big Kenny’s show has been canceled in order to be with his family.

Alphin was raised on a family cattle farm in Culpeper, Virginia, and was the youngest of four children. He helped with all aspects of the farm, including the livestock, and learned many farming skills. He is credited with helping his father run the farm.

Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich are brothers-in-arms, and their musical talents are the foundation of their success. As singers, songwriters, and producers, they are some of the most original musical forces today. And with their music, they have earned Grammy Awards. Big and Rich have four studio albums, charting fifteen songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Kenny Alphin’s father was diagnosed with cancer. He later performed at a charity concert in Haiti. He also met with a fifth grade teacher, Pattie Stepbach, who is the founder of a relief organization. The tragedy affected the lives of many people, and the show’s cast and crew took on the humanitarian task to help the survivors.

Bill Alphin was born on March 18, 1930, in Whaleyville, Va. He went on to attend college and graduate school. He met his wife, Mary, while studying at Virginia Tech. They married in 1955 and had four children. They also served as deacons in two churches in the Culpeper area. Bill also served on the Culpeper Memorial Hospital Board and the Culpeper County School Board. In addition to his involvement in the music industry, he worked as a Farm Bureau representative and ran their office for 20 years.

John Rich’s mother

One half of the duo Big and Rich recently lost a family member, the late Cleda Ann “Granny” Rich. She was 88 years old when she passed away. Granny Rich inspired John Rich’s whiskey line Granny Rich Reserve, and her memory lives on through her legacy.

Big and Rich were famous for their iconic hit “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy). John Rich released a solo single called “Progress” on Friday. He shared it on the Donald Trump-owned Truth Social app, and also on the video sharing website Rumble. The song is about a father and his mother’s recent death.

Big and Rich’s mother died in February 2012. Several years later, John Rich’s grandmother, Cleda Ann “Granny” Rich, passed away. John Rich recently posted on social media about the death of his grandmother. He described her as a strong and loving woman. He added the hashtag #RIPGrannyRich to his posts.

John Rich is an American singer, songwriter, and performer. He has had a long career as a country music singer, and is regarded as one of the most talented country musicians. He has played bass in several country bands, including Lonestar, and has produced singles by incredible singers. He and Big Kenny are a popular duo, and have appeared on multiple television shows. He has also become politically active, writing and releasing songs in support of various causes. In 2008, he released a campaign song to support Senator John McCain. He has also donated to charity organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

After the death of his mother, Rich began writing songs for other artists. He co-wrote a song with Gretchen Wilson, which was a commercial and critical hit. He also wrote a song with Audrey Faith McGraw, a well-regarded country artist. In addition, he also wrote a song for Jason Aldean, which became a hit.

Is Big and Rich Still Together?

Is Big and Rich still together

There are many stories circulating about Big and Rich. One rumor states that they’re still together, while another hints at their split. The two have a son, James, who is one of the richest people in the world. They are also well-known for their charity work.

John Rich’s relationship with Joan Bush

John Rich’s relationship with former model Joan Bush ended in marriage on December 6, 2008, although the couple hardly made any public appearances. Despite their longtime relationship, the couple’s marriage was only made public when close sources broke the news. The two are currently not appearing on any red carpets, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not dating.

While John Rich hasn’t shared details about his relationship with Bush, he has shown an affection for his grandmother, who was born in 1932. She was affectionately known as “Granny Rich” and often posed for photos with the singer. They also worked together on a bottle of whiskey, the Granny Rich Reserve of Rich’s Redneck Riviera Whiskey. In recent years, Granny Rich has spent the last twenty years operating an alterations shop outside Nashville.

After his marriage, John Rich began working on his third solo album. He also released two extended plays and started working on his third solo album. The couple has two children together. John Rich is 48 years old in 2022. He is a native American and is a Libra. His firstborn son, Cash Rich, was born to the couple on December 6, 2008.

Rich’s music career has included many collaborations. He has written songs for Gretchen Wilson and has collaborated with black metal band Black Label Society. He has also co-written songs for country artists such as Audrey Faith McGraw and Jason Aldean. His collaborations with various artists have spawned hit songs.

John Rich and Joan Bush have three children together. The singer-songwriter married his wife Joan Bush in 1988. She also has three children of her own. They married on December 6, 1988. The couple have not disclosed their marital status or shared other personal information. The two were married for nine years.

John Rich was born in Amarillo, Texas, to Jim and Judy Rich. His parents are both ministers. His mother Judy Overton is a Catholic, and his father Jim Rich is a Baptist. He has two sisters. He attended Dickson County Senior High School and the University of Michigan.

The singer-songwriter is a multi-millionaire, and his net worth is estimated at USD 9 million by the year 2022. His work as a country music singer-songwriter is his main source of income. Even though he has achieved great success, John Rich remains humble and prefers a low-key lifestyle.

John Rich’s split from Lonestar

The split between John Rich and Lonestar was a difficult one for country music fans. John Rich had been a bassist and lead singer for Lonestar on their first two albums, and he had also had a solo career. After his split from Lonestar, he went on to write and record his own music, which was not a commercial success. He even recorded a rock album in 1998.

The split from Lonestar came after the release of their fourth album, Crazy Nights. Rich had been a part of the group for six years, and had two chart-topping singles. The band also won numerous awards. However, John Rich had his own solo career, and he later joined the hit duo Big & Rich. He says he has no ill feelings towards his former bandmates. Rather, he feels that the split from the group was the right decision.

Lonestar began in 1992 as a country band called Texassee. Its members were all native Texans. The band was originally formed by Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Dean Sams, and John Rich. McDonald, Britt, and Rainwater had previously worked together in another country band, Canyon, which released two albums on independent 16th Avenue Records. The band’s first single, “Hot Nights,” reached the top 40 country charts.

Rich’s split from Lonestar was not without controversy. In 2009, he sued former Lonestar member Jared Ashley for defamation. He also sued the label owner, Chris Sevier, for copyright infringement. The dispute between Rich and Sevier led to the arrest of Sevier.

After splitting from Lonestar, Rich began working on a solo album. He released two extended plays and began writing a third. In December of 2008, Rich married Joan Bush. They have two sons. John Rich is 48 years old. He is the singer of “Big & Rich.”

The split between John Rich and Lonestar was a hard blow for fans of country music. The band split because of different personalities. The duo had a hit song called “Amazed.” This song spent eight weeks on Billboard’s country chart. Later, a remix version of the song reached the Hot 100 and the Adult Contemporary chart. The remix had a more atmospheric sound and featured piano.

In addition to the split between John Rich and Lonestar, Richie McDonald split from the label. The two were once part of the influential duo Big & Rich. The duo had several top 40 hits during the 2000s. Their albums featured collaborations with Kris Kristofferson, Gretchen Wilson, and Cowboy Troy. Their first album, “Horse of a Different Color,” produced four straight Top 40 country hits.

John Rich’s charity work

A multi-platinum hit maker, John Rich is a well-known country musician. He has played bass guitar for the acclaimed country band Lonestar and also sang lead on some of their songs. Rich has also written and produced singles and has worked with some outstanding singers. He has also hosted several shows and has been politically active. He released a song to support the presidential campaign of John McCain, and he has supported numerous charities. One of his most notable charitable efforts is his collaboration with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

John Rich is coming to Ohio to perform a charity concert. He has teamed up with the Travis Mills Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the mental and physical needs of veterans. He will also be accompanied by special guest Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, a member of the U.S. army who was killed in action in Vietnam.

In addition to his charity work, John Rich has a solo album out called ‘Rescue Me’. The album was released in honor of Katie Darnell, a young woman who was diagnosed with leukemia and died in 2011. This album also featured Rich’s collaboration with Big Kenny, a famous hip-hop artist. Together, the two formed a duo, ‘Big & Rich’.

Besides his charitable work, Rich is also a successful entrepreneur with his own private lifestyle brand, Redneck Riviera. This Nashville-based brand celebrates America’s hard-working men and women. Their “Work Hard, Play Hard” philosophy is reflected in a wide range of products that include apparel, barbeque sauce, and whiskey.

Besides writing songs, Rich also works with other artists as a songwriter and producer. He has written songs for Gretchen Wilson and Audrey Faith McGraw, as well as for a successful country artist named Jason Aldean. The two also collaborated on a reality TV show, ‘Gone Country’.

During his time with Big & Rich, he has been actively involved with numerous charities. In April 2006, he performed at the Save Darfur rally, and in September 2007, he performed at the Voices to Stop Genocide. He and Christiev have also traveled to Akon, Sudan, where they delivered clothes, medical supplies, and musical instruments to the Kunyuk School for Girls.

After the release of his album, “Shut Up About Politics”, Rich has been donating proceeds from his song to Folds of Honor, a charity that helps U.S. veterans and their families. Founded in 2007, Folds of Honor helps military veterans and their families after their service. Its programs include educational scholarships for their families.

Big & Rich – American Country Music Duo

Big  Rich  American Country Music Duo

Big & Rich are a famous American country music duo. They were formed by singer-songwriter John Rich. Before founding the duo, Rich was in the country music group Lonestar, where he played bass guitar. From 1992 to 1998, he alternated as the lead vocalist with Richie McDonald. The duo has released many albums, and their work is enjoyed by millions of people.

John Rich

Big & Rich are an American country music duo. The duo features Big Kenny, songwriter and singer, and John Rich, guitarist and vocalist. Big Kenny has previously worked with the country group Lonestar, and Rich is a solo artist under Hollywood Records.

They have also produced and sung for other artists. Some of their collaborations include Keith Anderson, John Anderson, and Gretchen Wilson. In addition, they have co-written and recorded several singles for other artists. Their latest album, Did It For the Party, debuted at Number One on the sales charts and earned a Grammy Award nomination. The pair also co-wrote a song for Taylor Swift’s Fearless album.

Big & Rich’s debut album was certified platinum in 2004. The album sold more than one million copies, making it the duo’s highest-selling album. It also earned Rich the ASCAP songwriter of the year award three times. While many of their songs have been covered by other artists, the duo is best known for their own work.

After a successful career in the country music scene, the duo’s first album, Horse of a Different Color, hit number one on the country albums chart. The album featured the number-one single “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy”) and several other Top 40 hits. In addition, the duo embarked on a tour in late 2004 as part of the Chevrolet-sponsored American Revolution Tour. The tour was supported by other artists, including Gretchen Wilson and Cowboy Troy.

John Rich, the lead singer of Big & Rich, was born in Amarillo, Texas. He studied music in Dickson County, Tennessee and worked at Opryland USA. While he was singing in Opryland, he joined the group called Texasee. The group later changed its name to Lonestar and Rich was the bassist and lead singer. He was part of the group from 1992 until 1998.

Big Kenny

Big Kenny and Rich have sold over five million albums between 2004 and 2009. After a brief hiatus to pursue solo projects, Big & Rich reunited in May 2011 to release the single “Fake ID” from the soundtrack to the movie Footloose. The duo also released the single “That’s Why I Pray” from their forthcoming fourth album, which produced a Top 20 hit. The duo is still popular in country music.

While Big & Rich have been lauded for their soaring vocals and catchy tunes, their marketing is just as creative. After writing and recording their albums, they brainstormed different ways to present their music to their fans. For example, they created a music video for “Gravity,” which combines four songs from the album. The music video was shot in Las Vegas and can be broken down into four separate videos.

Kenny’s career has been filled with notable accomplishments and contributions to the country music genre. He has collaborated with numerous artists, including U2, Bon Jovi, Green Day, R.E.M., and many others. He has also worked on many projects, including building schools in Africa and responding to the Haiti Earthquake.

William Kenneth Alphin was born in 1963. He became an American country music singer in 1992. He teamed up with John Rich to form Big & Rich. Together, they have recorded three studio albums for Warner Bros. Records and had multiple top 10 singles. In addition to the duo’s work as a country music duo, Big Kenny has a solo career. He married Christiev Carothers, with whom he has two sons.

Rich Dawson was first approached by Big Kenny in 2000 to record as a duo. Although he was skeptical at first due to Big Kenny’s rock influences, he eventually decided to record as a duo. He began recording demos with Big Kenny, and was convinced after the recording of Holy Water.

Hillbilly Jedi

Big & Rich have returned with their fourth studio album, Hillbilly Jedi. The duo’s latest album was released on September 18, 2012. The album is their first release since 2007. Big & Rich are an American country music duo from Oklahoma, and their sound is based on old-fashioned country music.

The duo, also known as Big & Rich, are no strangers to being labeled as weirdos. Their name is a play on “hillbilly Jedi,” but that doesn’t mean the pair is armed with light sabers. The duo isn’t a mainstream country band, but they’re a unique example of a modern day high-tech redneck.

In 2010, Big & Rich announced their fourth studio album, Hillbilly Jedi. The album had a strong debut in the country charts. The album was preceded by a single, “That’s Why I Pray.” The song was co-written by Danelle Leverett, a member of the JaneDear Girls, and Blair Daly. The duo said it could become one of their biggest hits. The song debuted at number 24 on the country chart, which was the duo’s highest debut since 1990.

In 2008, Big & Rich took a hiatus while Big Kenny recovered from a neck injury. Meanwhile, Rich released a solo album. Rich’s sophomore album, Son of a Preacher Man, was released by Warner Bros. The record had three singles and was a hit. Big Kenny, meanwhile, released his own album, The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy, which charted at number 34 in the country.

Big & Rich have come back to country music after a five-year hiatus. Their new album, Hillbilly Jedi, features collaborations with Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. While the album resounds with the pop-rock sound that made them famous, it does not live up to the hype of their previous hit.


In late September 2014, Big & Rich released their new album Gravity. The album is the duo’s fifth studio album. It is the first album under the new label Big & Rich Records. The album features lyrical prowess and signature harmonies from the duo. On Facebook, Big & Rich announced that Gravity would be streamable on Pandora Radio. They also hosted a press tour to promote the release of Gravity, which included a show in New York City.

The duo forged ahead with their music career, releasing their first official live show in 2001. This was followed by a number of independent shows. In January 2002, they performed at The Bluebird Cafe. They also covered the Beastie Boys’ “The Same Old Situation.”

The duo has received multiple Grammy and ACM nominations for Gravity. They were nominated for ACM Vocal Duo of the Year in 2014. Their first single from Gravity, “Run Away With You,” broke into the top 10 of the country charts. One of the duo’s other hits, “Livin’ Lately,” is a duet with Tim McGraw.

In addition to Gravity, Big & Rich released three albums together. They released four studio albums. The duo is currently on tour in the West, promoting Gravity. They’re also working on solo projects. Kenny’s short-lived band luvjOi made a name for itself on the country music scene. The duo’s fourth studio album, Hillbilly Jedi, featured songs co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. It was an album that got the duo clearance from George Lucas for Star Wars.

A recent concert tour by Big & Rich is drawing rave reviews. The duo will perform in cities across the U.S. and Canada during their summer tour. Some of these cities include Orlando, Grand Rapids, Spokane, Hampton, and Panama City.

Single Look at You

After releasing five studio albums over a decade, Big & Rich took a break from the limelight to pursue solo projects. The duo reunited in May 2011 with the release of the single “Fake ID” off the soundtrack for the film Footloose. The duo then released “That’s Why I Pray” from their forthcoming fourth album, which became a Top 20 country hit. The duo have since formed their own record label.

Big & Rich’s new single, “Look at You,” reintroduces the duo’s softer side. The song’s catchy chorus and smooth melody are an easy listen, despite the duo’s previous rowdy country rocker sound. The song is supported by an accompanying music video.

The duo first collaborated with Martina McBride in 2003. Their first Number One hit, “Comin’ to Your City,” featured the voices of Gretchen Wilson, Kris Kristofferson, and Cowboy Troy. Their upcoming album, “The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy,” will be released in 2019.

Before forming their duo, Big & Rich had solo careers. Their debut studio album, “Horse of a Different Color,” was released on Warner Nashville. The album spawned four consecutive country hits, including the number one single, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy” (#11). Their album was named to the top 50 albums of 2004 by Rolling Stone Magazine. The duo also produced and wrote “Here For the Party” by Gretchen Wilson. They also worked on supporting novelties such as Cowboy Troy.

Big & Rich is an American country music duo consisting of two musicians: John Rich and Big Kenny Alphin. Together they have a decade and a half of success, and are currently touring on the “Peace, Love, and Happy Hour” tour.