159 4th Ave #3 San Francisco CA 94118

159 4th Ave #3 San Francisco CA 94118 (2022)

159 4th Ave #3 San Francisco CA 94118: If you’re looking for a great place to live in San Francisco, look no further than 159 4th Ave. This property is located near Lake Street and offers 1 and 2-bedroom floor plans. The leasing team is ready to help you find the apartment that’s right for you. This San Francisco, CA property is part of the 94118 ZIP code and is located in San Francisco County.

159 4th Ave

159 4th Ave #3 San Francisco CA is located at 159 Fourth Ave. The area has a very high percentage of Hispanic residents. Approximately 54.7% of the residents are White and 53.4% are African-American. There are also some residents who report being a mix of races. The average number of residents per family is two and a half.

Located in San Francisco’s Lake Street neighborhood, 159 4th Avenue offers luxury living at an affordable price. The property features one and two bedroom floor plans and a leasing staff that can help you find your dream apartment. The property is located in San Francisco County and has a 94118 zip code.

This 2 bedroom apartment is located in a boutique 6-unit building with wide plank oak floors throughout. It is equipped with modern amenities like an in-unit Miele washer/dryer. The location is ideal because it is within walking distance of Lake Street, Geary Boulevard, and Clement St. This home is also near numerous restaurants and shopping options.

Clement Street as the place to shop in San Francisco

There are a few reasons to visit Clement Street, starting with its history. Clement Street was once a vast expanse of open land that was developed into a thriving community. Its streets were named for prominent early residents such as Roswell Clement, an attorney, and Vasco Nunez de Balboa, a Spanish explorer. Today, Clement is home to many diverse businesses, including dim sum restaurants and Chinese tea shops. There are also a number of Irish pubs and old-school Italian pizza joints.

Clement Street is also a great place to shop when visiting San Francisco. Many tourists purchase unique items while they are traveling. Many of these items are meant to be worn or displayed in the home. This trendy shopping district is located between Arguello Boulevard and Seventh Avenue.

Clement Street is home to many ethnic businesses, including a German bakery. This multicultural neighborhood has been the home of many immigrants to San Francisco. The first settlers were Irish, Swiss dairy farmers, and Russians. After World War II, many Asian families came to the Bay Area, and Clement Street has a strong Asian presence.

For shoppers who want to buy unique, handmade items, the district is home to many unique shops. At the eastern end, the Clement Market is a farmer’s market that features samples from local restaurants. The Clement Market also has an excellent coffee shop. There are also several good bookstores to visit, including Green Apple Books, which has worn wood floors and a welcoming air filled with vintage books.

The French patisserie, Chapeau, and B Star are a few of the other great options for food. Chapeau, which serves classic French cuisine, has a three-course prix fixe menu, which is a steal at only $65. For those looking for a good meal, there’s also Wako, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant, located at 349 Clement St.

There’s a small, local vibe to Clement Street. Its dim sum restaurants and Sunday farmers market draw a variety of locals and tourists alike. However, the street can be intimidating for first-time visitors.

Race of 94118 residents

The population of 159 4th Ave #3 San Francisco, CA is primarily White. However, a small percentage of people in the neighborhood are of other races. About 54.7% of people live in this ZIP code. Among these residents, 1.6% are Black or African American. The remainder, 34.1%, are Asian. Furthermore, 16.1% of residents have some college education. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree is higher, with 41.9% of people reporting this. In addition, about 2.5% of residents identify as other races, and 8.3% identify as Hispanic.

The median household income in ZIP 94118 is $132201. Approximately 61% of households have two income earners. A quarter of households earn less than $5,000. The remainder earn between $10k and $25k. In addition, 16.1% of households make over $100,000.https://www.youtube.com/embed/0bwsEBH5MQs

Apartment For Rent in San Francisco CA 94122

1275 45th Ave San Francisco  CA 94122

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in San Francisco CA 94122, you have come to the right place. This apartment community is located at 1224 45th Ave. You can learn more about the community, including Coronavirus live feed and Assessed value, in this article.

1224 45th Ave is an apartment community in San Francisco CA 94122

If you’re looking for an apartment in San Francisco, CA, you may be interested in looking at 1224 45th Ave. This community is located in the Outer Sunset area. It’s located near Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park. It’s also close to several restaurants, such as Outerlands and Mollusk Surf.

Coronavirus live feed

Coronavirus has hit San Francisco schools with a new wave of cases. In the first week back from winter break, the school district reported 350 confirmed COVID cases, and conducted 4,304 coronavirus tests. This represents an 8.3% positive test rate. There were an additional 315 cases self-reported by students and staff. That means the number of positive cases in the first week of school has already surpassed the 647 cases reported in the entire fall semester.

Assessed value

1275 45th Ave is a multi-family home with approximately 2,716 square feet of living space. It is located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood. It was built in 1906 and is currently not for sale. The property is assessed at $1,520,000.

231 24th Ave, San Francisco CA 94121

231 24th Ave San Francisco CA 94121

If you are in the market for a new apartment, you may want to check out 231 24th Ave, a community of San Francisco, CA apartments. This community features modern upgrades such as Nest thermostats and security cameras. If you have any questions, you can submit a request for more information on the property.

231 24th Ave is an apartment community in San Francisco

231 24th Ave is a 4-unit building that was built in 2000. It is a great place to call home if you’re looking for an affordable and pet-friendly apartment community in San Francisco. The community is located at 231 24th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.

Residents will find a variety of floorplans at this San Francisco, CA apartment community. This San Francisco property offers no pets and three property units with one to two bedrooms. The leasing professionals are ready to show you around the community. You can contact them to schedule a private showing.

Modern upgrades include Nest thermostats and security cameras

Nest thermostats and security cameras are among the upgrades you can expect at this San Francisco home. These products are Energy Star certified and allow you to control the temperature in your home without having to be at home. In addition, Nest Aware helps you use the Nest Cam more efficiently. For instance, it will automatically turn on if you set the Nest Thermostat to Away.

The Nest Thermostat can also be set to send you notifications when your house is too hot or too cold. It is compatible with most HVAC systems. It can also be set to shut off your furnace automatically if it detects unsafe CO levels.

Nest smoke alarms offer a subscription service for $10 per month. This service keeps ten days’ worth of video and sends alerts if there is any suspicious activity. It also allows you to record three hours of video footage and bundle it into a video file. Next-generation Nest smoke detectors will have improved sensors and a 10-year lifespan. They also perform monthly tests and will announce potential problems in an automated voice.

The Nest Thermostats are a great way to save energy and money. You can also control the temperature with a mobile app, or with voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Nest Learning Thermostats can also work in conjunction with other smart home devices to make your home smarter. Nest Thermostats can help you save ten to twelve percent on your heating and cooling bills.

Bex Realty may contact you when you submit a request

231 24th Ave is a single family home located in San Francisco, California. It was built in 1916 and features 3,935 square feet of living space. It also comes with a 1 car garage and a 0.07 acre lot. BEX Realty may contact you if there are any new listings for 231 24th Ave.

BEX Realty is an equal housing opportunity real estate brokerage that has a staff of independent real estate brokers and agents. It specializes in waterfront and luxury homes. You can contact them if you have any questions or concerns about the site.

Compass disclaims any liability for descriptions or measurements

231 24th Ave is a single-family home with 3,935 square feet of living space and a one-car garage located in San Francisco. It is listed for sale with Compass, a real estate brokerage company. The listing status is Active.

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501 Hudson Ave #204 San Francisco CA 94124

501 Hudson Ave 204  San Francisco CA 94124

If you’re looking for a new home in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider 501 Hudson Ave #204 in San Francisco, CA. This property is located in the 94124 ZIP code, which is part of the San Francisco Unified attendance zone. The listing information is provided by the BAREIS Inc., MLS.

SF SF SF SF SF San Francisco CA 94124

Located in San Francisco’s West Village, 501 Hudson Ave #204 is a loft building with three oversized loft apartments. Each has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Features include in-unit dishwashers, skylights, and enormous ceiling heights. The building is also located within a school attendance zone, San Francisco Unified.

SF Shipyard’s latest released Luxury Collection

Currently under construction, The SF Shipyard’s new Luxury Collection offers luxurious condominiums, penthouses and single-family homes. The homes are spacious, and feature high-end materials. Some units include large windows and quartz countertops, while others have upgraded flooring and cabinetry. Other amenities include an integrated Home Automation system, dimmers and Honeywell Lyric Thermostats. Some even come with parking spaces.

This new luxury collection is part of a larger master plan for the waterfront. Located near Bayview and Hunters Point, this waterfront community boasts approximately 500 residents. The development has three distinct neighborhoods. The Palisades offers two and three-bedroom townhomes with private rooftop terraces and balconies. Prices start in the low $1 million range.

MLS information provided by the BAREIS Inc., MLS

The MLS is a listing service of real estate listings. MLS data is generally considered reliable. However, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. Therefore, you should verify the accuracy of all information. It is important to note that the MLS may contain information provided by sources other than the Listing Agent. The Broker/Agent may not have verified the information provided by these other sources.https://www.youtube.com/embed/U3Rj06J-wXs

1167 Alabama St San Francisco CA 94110

1167 Alabama St  San Francisco CA 94110

The information contained in this listing for 1167 Alabama St San Francisco CA 94109 is derived from the cooperative data exchange program of the multiple listing service and provided by BEX Realty. However, not all properties are listed with participating Brokers or are available in the MLS’s database. These listings are indicated by the MLS logo and the name of the listing broker. You can access more detailed information about the property by viewing the listing information page.

TIC home in San Francisco’s 24th Street Mission corridor

Purchasing a TIC home in San Francisco’s 24h Street Mission corridor is a smart choice for anyone who wants a centrally located, modern home. These homes feature high-end finishes and are perfect for those who want to maximize their space and maximize their views. You’ll find that these homes are in an ideal location with easy access to all major San Francisco attractions. Contact Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry for more information.

This two-bedroom, two-bath TIC is located in the Mission district. It features a modern kitchen with a Bosch refrigerator, Grohe faucets and designer lights. The TIC also has radiant heat floors and E-Home Automation, which allows you to control the technology within your home.

This spacious Edwardian TIC is located in a three-unit building that’s been in the condo lottery four times. It’s a great location, close to restaurants and shopping, and is a Rider’s Paradise – there are 44 bus routes in and around the neighborhood. It also has an enclosed parking space.

If you’re looking for a home with a panoramic view, look no further than 3858 Market Street, San Francisco. This two-story duplex offers two bedrooms, a basement, and a two-car garage. You can even enjoy a fantastic view of the Bay from this property, and a walkable commute from nearby public transportation.

In San Francisco, TIC homes are becoming increasingly popular. The market is expected to pick up in the autumn, but a few more months will be needed before the fall market picks up. During this time, competition for these homes is expected to increase. As a result, many sellers are motivated to move quickly to secure a contract.


The property at 1167 Alabama St in San Francisco is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom single family home listed with Compass and is currently on the market. The property is located in the Mission District. The property is part of the cooperative data exchange program of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS database includes real estate listings from participating Brokers. The listing broker’s name and logo can be viewed on the detailed listing page.

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Bay East MLS

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CCAR is an online portal for the Bay Area real estate market. It features hundreds of property listings, CCAR Affiliate business listings, community information, and more. The site is updated daily with the latest market data and property information. However, the data should be independently verified.

The CCAR Multiple Listing Service is a vital tool for real estate professionals. The website provides information on thousands of properties across the East Bay. CCAR affiliates are trusted experts in local real estate. They also serve as industry and community leaders. They provide resources and educational opportunities for members, and promote professionalism and integrity in the industry.


BridgeMLS is the leading source for MLS listings in Northern California. With over 10 MLSs in the state and 80% coverage, bridgeMLS provides comprehensive and accurate data to real estate professionals. In addition to delivering accurate data, bridgeMLS is also dedicated to providing fair and equitable compensation for real estate professionals.https://www.youtube.com/embed/QVYpc4O9Dak

56 Garcia Avenue in San Francisco, CA 94127

If you are looking for a single family home in San Francisco, CA, you may want to check out 56 Garcia Avenue. The listing was recently posted on BarbCo for $1,749,000. This property is located in the San Francisco Unified School District and is in close proximity to West Portal Elementary School, Hoover (Herbert) Middle School, and Academy (The)-SF @Mcateer. It is a 1926 single family home with three bedrooms and one bathroom.

56 Garcia Avenue is a single family home for sale in San Francisco, CA 94127

If you’re searching for a new home in San Francisco, CA, you’ll want to consider 56 Garcia Avenue. This single-family home in San Francisco, CA is priced at $1,749,000 and is in the San Francisco Unified School District. The home has a square footage of 2,180 square feet, sits on 0.11 acres, and was built in 1926.

This listing is provided by MLSListings. The information is obtained from various sources and should be verified by the buyer. The MLS does not guarantee the accuracy of any information and may not include information from the office/agent presenting the information.

Market trends

56 Garcia Avenue is a single family home for sale in San Francisco, CA. The property was last assessed in 2014. It has about 2,180 square feet of habitable space and is located on a 0.11 acre lot. It is currently on the market for $1,749,000. The property is within the San Francisco Unified School District. Nearby schools include West Portal Elementary School, Hoover (Herbert) Middle School, and Academy (The)-SF @Mcateer.

The majority of the residents of the neighborhood are White. The second largest ethnicity is Asian. Over half of the residents have a Bachelor’s degree, while thirty-five percent are Graduate Degree-holders. The median age for residents of this neighborhood is fifty-nine years old.


If you are looking for a single family home in San Francisco, CA, then 56 Garcia Ave may be the right property for you. This single family home was built in 1926 and features approximately 2,180 square feet of living space. It is on a 0.11-acre lot and comes with a single car garage. It is listed with BarbCo under MLS #4222704515. The property is currently listed for $1,749,000.

339 Noriega St, San Francisco CA 94122 is a Single Family Home For Sale

339 Noriega St is a single family home located in San Francisco. If you’re looking to sell your home in the San Francisco area, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about the trends in the San Francisco real estate market. The median sale price for a San Francisco home is $332,500. If you’re looking for a home in San Francisco but don’t know where to start, you’ll learn about trends in the real estate market in this neighborhood.

Homemetry does not provide consumer reports

Homemetry is a real estate platform that aggregates a variety of information about properties and residents. This information includes sales history, home values, taxes, and neighborhood information. The site also collects personal information on owners and residents. It is possible to request up to six pieces of information about a single listing. If you would like more information about a particular listing, you can contact the Homemetry support team.

339 Noriega St is a single family home

If you’re looking to buy a single family home in San Francisco, California, you’ve come to the right place. This home at 339 Noriega St has 1,650 square feet of living space and was built in 1915. The property is currently for sale and is located in the San Francisco Unified attendance zone.

This San Francisco, California single family home is listed with Homemetry, a consumer-based real estate website. It has 3 recent tenants and has been assessed at $59k. This property is a single-family home, with one-car garage. It was last listed for sale on May 23, 2022, with MLS #40993616.

Trends in the San Francisco real estate market

Trends in the San Francisco real estate market have been a mixed bag. In a tight market, it can be difficult to sell a property. However, the current state of the market is still favorable for savvy investors. Listed below are a few of the most significant trends in the market.

Housing inventory in San Francisco is low but holding steady. It is above the national average. The housing market is not likely to slow anytime soon, with demand exceeding supply. Meanwhile, mortgage rates remain historically low. This means that traditional homebuyers can offset today’s high prices. This is good news for buyers, but the real estate market will remain competitive.

In the San Francisco real estate market, home sales have fallen this summer and there is a lack of inventory for buyers. However, agents say this will change in the fall. They anticipate that more listings will come on the market, increasing competition. However, there are a number of sellers pulling their homes off the market or renting them out. This will prevent the housing inventory from swelling any further.

The San Francisco real estate market has a strong demand for luxury homes, as it attracts many high-end buyers. Luxury homes in San Francisco have increased in price by 26.5% in the second quarter of 2020, which is a new record for the city. San Francisco real estate investors are making an average profit of $182,000 on each home flip. This is the second-highest median profit per flip in the country, trailing only San Jose, CA, at $242,500, and Fargo, ND at $136,336.

Another notable trend in the San Francisco real estate market is the rising rate of turnover. Renter turnover is up to 27% in San Francisco. This means that one out of every four households in the city will move in the year 2021. Meanwhile, the homeowner turnover rate has increased to 7.7%. This is because San Francisco is not able to build enough new homes to meet the demand.

As a result of rising interest rates, home prices will begin to decline in 2022. As a result, there will be less competition for high-end homes in the city.